Travellers illegally camped in west Hull facing eviction by court order


The travellers arrived before the bank holiday weekend and set up about half a dozen caravans on grass in Woolwich Drive, next to a tower block. Several tree trunks, which had been installed after travellers were last there, had been moved. Ward councillor Pete Allen said the land should be permanently fenced off. He said: “We got the parks department to put four or five tree trunks across the grass verge to stop them getting on. “Somebody must have moved them. Until we put more permanent stronger blocks in, we’re always going to get this. “We want the housing department to spend some money and put permanent metal or concrete blocks in.”

Cllr Allen contacted the courts about the travellers’ arrival as soon as he was aware of it. But he has to wait until Wednesday before the matter can be dealt with. He believes travellers time their arrival around bank holidays when the courts are not in session. The councillor said: “I’ve gone down to speak to travellers before and got promises from them, which they don’t hold, so I don’t bother going down now. “We’ve done as much as possible as quickly as possible and we’re now waiting for the court to hear our case.” Hull City Council is encouraging anyone with concerns about the travellers to report them.

Area director Jane Price said: “We’re aware that travellers have set up an illegal encampment in Woolwich Drive. “We are currently working with our multi-agency partners, following our procedures and have started legal proceedings to apply for an eviction notice from the court.”


Licensing of Private Investigators in the UK


The Parliamentary Home Affairs Select Committee report has now been published.

The Report makes a number of recommendations to Parliament, which includes:

1. The term “Private Investigator” be protected for use by those regulated.

2. An introduction of a two-tier system of licensing of private investigators and private detective companies and registration of others undertaking investigative work.

3. The government is to consider granting privileged access to certain data for licensed investigators.

4. There should be a training regime for investigators based on the knowledge of the legal constraints that govern the industry.

5. The Committee feels that there should be a 12-month cooling off period before a retiring police officer can obtain a licence.

What do we think?

Traveller Eviction From Gloucester Retail Park


A private landowner in Gloucester was given a shock during the bank holiday weekend when an illegal traveller encampment was set up on their retail park.

This incident occurred to the north of Gloucester on Saturday afternoon. Within no time, the camp was set up.

Once the land was occupied, the owners tried to negotiate with the travellers to get them to move but they were adamant that they were staying until the following Tuesday, which would have created mayhem for the business within the retail park.

The landowners made the decision to do something about it and scoured the internet for companies who could help. They found Alpha 1 Legal Services. Once we had explained the procedure and the landowner was happy, they instructed us to attend.

Our agent attended and served all caravans and people with Notice to Vacate private land by 08:00 hours the following morning.

Needless to say the travellers had not moved when our team turned up the following morning. Therefore our specialist team of bailiffs went to work. At first the travellers were having none of it, point blank refusing to leave until our team leader explained exactly what would happen if they did not (which really they already know, as the majority of travellers know how to ‘play the game’ so to speak’).

After a bit of negotiation the job was completed, the landowner was overjoyed and we have another satisfied client who will use our services again, not only for traveller eviction but also for commercial rent arrears collection and commercial forfeiture of leases.

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Private Investigators and their Image


The image that can spring to mind when one thinks of a private investigator is the type of private eye or snoop that was romanticised in cinema – like Jack Nicholson’s character in Chinatown, the British Sherlock Homes or even Hercule Poirot as made famous by Agatha Christie. However, professional investigator services are in demand in Britain today. But what services do they provide?

Well, some of the main services that professional investigators provide include process server, status reports, tracing and surveillance. The services can be varied and wide-ranging and can be offered as an addition to Alpha 1 legal services.

Professional investigators can act as process servers for clients and the services they offer can get fast and effective results. This can be for any legal document such as a court order or statutory demand.

Investigators can be involved with tracing and tracking down anyone, from missing debtors to missing family members. Investigators can provide surveillance on employees, those suspected of fraudulent activities or people claiming benefits which they are not entitled to: the list is endless.

These services can also offer status reports for once the target has been located, including a pre-litigation report on a debtor.

Investigator services usually have specialised teams which work on specific cases for clients in the UK and some companies can even provide an international service anywhere in the world.

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Private Investigators and the use of Trackers


As I have mentioned before how beneficial a tracking device can be. It is a great tool for providing intelligence as to the movements and habits of someone (when deployed legally I might add).

Gradually over the last 6 months we have seen a surge in demand for hire and use of our gps tracking devices. These are mainly from suspicious spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends and businesses looking for information to either corroborate or refute what they are thinking.

Our tracking devices are bespoke and state of the art. They are not your ‘cheap options’ that are guaranteed to stop working when you need them the most! All our trackers are custom built to our exacting specifications and come with a whole host of user-friendly features. We can communicate with them directly from our desktop, sending them messages with different commands via the Internet. We have many tracking devices to suit your needs and some gps tracking devices that can run for many weeks or months at a time before the battery becomes a problem.

We can fit these devices nationwide and in some cases internationally too!

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Alpha 1 Legal Services – What We Offer


Alpha 1 Legal Services, one of the UK’s leading private investigation, enforcement and alpha 1 legal services companies, is pleased to announce it has been voted as “UK Investigation Company of the Year 2013” at the Acquisition International M&A Awards.

Alpha 1 Legal Services operate not only across the country with a number of legal firms, councils and private businesses as its client base, but also internationally, undertaking work on a regular basis from legal firms and companies in other countries.

Nationally, the company has experience of undertaking eviction notices on individuals trespassing upon private land. It also specialises in tracing lost family members, friends, and witnesses as well as debtors.

The investigation arm of the company can provide surveillance, particularly in cases of fraud, including the corporate and insurance field, as well as industrial espionage.

The firm currently employs a small network of integral staff at its base in the North of England, but has agents operating from regional centres located in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham.

Alpha 1 Legal Services staff and personnel undergo full training and registration procedures and are properly identified with the relevant associations.

The firms Managing Director and Consultant are members of a number of self-regulating organisations including the Association of British Investigators, which is the only organisation that is endorsed by The Law Society of England & Wales for the Provision of Investigative Services and Process Servers in the UK and sector exclusively included in the Law Society of Scotland’s Service Provider Scheme.

Managing Director Paul Redhead and Enforcement Consultant Andy Coates are recognised as being amongst the top providers of private investigation, enforcement and training services in the country and work closely with the relevant associations to maintain high standards of delivery.

Both Paul and Andy have also recently taken and successfully passed the EDI Qualification for competency (as per SIA guidelines) to hold a Private Investigators Licence in the UK, possibly giving Alpha 1 Legal Services the only Private Investigation Company in the UK with two qualified personnel.

Alpha 1 Legal Services also run regular courses to train both enforcement and process servers.

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Travellers Take Over Land Near St Oswalds Retirement site.


In the face of growing numbers of illegal Gypsy sites, council chiefs in Gloucestershire this week announced a public consultation for the whole county, which will run from this Monday until September 20, where the public nominate sites for official council traveller camps. Council chiefs in the Cheltenham, Cotswold and Tewkesbury areas say they have to find a five-year supply of Gypsy sites, or risk losing appeals on unauthorised sites. Gloucestershire has four sites, all of which are full.

It emerged today that West Country MPs have leapt to the defence of Communities Secretary Eric Pickles after he was accused of “sparking an open season on ethnic minorities” by overturning a controversial planning rule in favour of Gypsies and travellers.

Mr Pickles scrapped a New Labour planning rule which ordered local councils to take into account – and judge differently – the gypsy or traveller background of someone applying to create a caravan site.

The rule was controversial in the South West, after Gypsies used it to buy up farmland across Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, created a travellers’ site and then applied for retrospective planning permission, often winning on appeal.

Mr Pickles said the rule was revoked in the face of a four-fold increase in the number of illegal Gypsy sites, but denied it was an attack on the traveller community.

Joseph Jones, chairman of the Gypsy Council, said the new guidance issued by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles to councils in the West should be looked at alongside the Home Office’s controversial van adverts telling illegal immigrants to go home.

“It’s creating tension, it’s a negative thing to do,” he said. “At the moment it seems like a theme. Recently we have had the ‘Go Home’ campaign. It seems like open season on ethnic minorities.

“Local authorities already know how to manage unauthorised encampments, they don’t need the Government to tell them how to do it. This latest statement Mr Pickles has put out doesn’t have anything new in it. It doesn’t have any new powers or anything like that. It just seems to me like a bit of grandstanding,” he added.