Travellers move on before Court action commences.

A group of travellers has moved on from a make-shift site at hours before a legal bid to evict them.

Wallsend Travellers Camp Is Cleared Hours Before Eviction Action In Court

In their wake they have left rubbish behind which will need to be cleared away but residents say they are just relieved they’ve gone.

North Tyneside Council was preparing to go to court to seek permission to remove them from the plot at Gainers Terrace, behind the Buddle Industrial Estate, in Wallsend, which they had occupied for just over a week.

But the hearing was put on hold as it was revealed the travellers had disappeared overnight.

Close to the spot where the caravans had been, there are now armchairs and furniture piled up.

The site is near a cycle way and walking route, and people using the area said they were unhappy about litter being left behind.

One resident said: “I live nearby and the place has been a mess since they moved in.

“I’m very glad they’ve gone, they obviously expected the council along later today to evict them anyway.

“They’ve left a mess behind which the taxpayer will end up having to pay to clean up but at least they aren’t here any more. ”

Last week retired truck driver Alan Cochrane, 68, said: “At the end of the day, if any of us had parked a caravan like that, we would feel the full force of the law. The bottom line is that this is illegal and the caravans should go.

“Some people use that site to park their cars, so they can have a stroll or walk their dogs here. The caravans are blocking up the space.”

A North Tyneside Council spokesman said: “The council is aware of the travellers at Gainers Terrace, Wallsend, and has taken a robust stance in ensuring the four caravans move on from the site they have illegally occupied since August 1″.Image


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