Alpha 1 Legal Services – What We Offer


Alpha 1 Legal Services, one of the UK’s leading private investigation, enforcement and alpha 1 legal services companies, is pleased to announce it has been voted as “UK Investigation Company of the Year 2013” at the Acquisition International M&A Awards.

Alpha 1 Legal Services operate not only across the country with a number of legal firms, councils and private businesses as its client base, but also internationally, undertaking work on a regular basis from legal firms and companies in other countries.

Nationally, the company has experience of undertaking eviction notices on individuals trespassing upon private land. It also specialises in tracing lost family members, friends, and witnesses as well as debtors.

The investigation arm of the company can provide surveillance, particularly in cases of fraud, including the corporate and insurance field, as well as industrial espionage.

The firm currently employs a small network of integral staff at its base in the North of England, but has agents operating from regional centres located in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham.

Alpha 1 Legal Services staff and personnel undergo full training and registration procedures and are properly identified with the relevant associations.

The firms Managing Director and Consultant are members of a number of self-regulating organisations including the Association of British Investigators, which is the only organisation that is endorsed by The Law Society of England & Wales for the Provision of Investigative Services and Process Servers in the UK and sector exclusively included in the Law Society of Scotland’s Service Provider Scheme.

Managing Director Paul Redhead and Enforcement Consultant Andy Coates are recognised as being amongst the top providers of private investigation, enforcement and training services in the country and work closely with the relevant associations to maintain high standards of delivery.

Both Paul and Andy have also recently taken and successfully passed the EDI Qualification for competency (as per SIA guidelines) to hold a Private Investigators Licence in the UK, possibly giving Alpha 1 Legal Services the only Private Investigation Company in the UK with two qualified personnel.

Alpha 1 Legal Services also run regular courses to train both enforcement and process servers.

Visit our website for more information: –

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