Private Investigators and their Image


The image that can spring to mind when one thinks of a private investigator is the type of private eye or snoop that was romanticised in cinema – like Jack Nicholson’s character in Chinatown, the British Sherlock Homes or even Hercule Poirot as made famous by Agatha Christie. However, professional investigator services are in demand in Britain today. But what services do they provide?

Well, some of the main services that professional investigators provide include process server, status reports, tracing and surveillance. The services can be varied and wide-ranging and can be offered as an addition to Alpha 1 legal services.

Professional investigators can act as process servers for clients and the services they offer can get fast and effective results. This can be for any legal document such as a court order or statutory demand.

Investigators can be involved with tracing and tracking down anyone, from missing debtors to missing family members. Investigators can provide surveillance on employees, those suspected of fraudulent activities or people claiming benefits which they are not entitled to: the list is endless.

These services can also offer status reports for once the target has been located, including a pre-litigation report on a debtor.

Investigator services usually have specialised teams which work on specific cases for clients in the UK and some companies can even provide an international service anywhere in the world.

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