Travellers illegally camped in west Hull facing eviction by court order


The travellers arrived before the bank holiday weekend and set up about half a dozen caravans on grass in Woolwich Drive, next to a tower block. Several tree trunks, which had been installed after travellers were last there, had been moved. Ward councillor Pete Allen said the land should be permanently fenced off. He said: “We got the parks department to put four or five tree trunks across the grass verge to stop them getting on. “Somebody must have moved them. Until we put more permanent stronger blocks in, we’re always going to get this. “We want the housing department to spend some money and put permanent metal or concrete blocks in.”

Cllr Allen contacted the courts about the travellers’ arrival as soon as he was aware of it. But he has to wait until Wednesday before the matter can be dealt with. He believes travellers time their arrival around bank holidays when the courts are not in session. The councillor said: “I’ve gone down to speak to travellers before and got promises from them, which they don’t hold, so I don’t bother going down now. “We’ve done as much as possible as quickly as possible and we’re now waiting for the court to hear our case.” Hull City Council is encouraging anyone with concerns about the travellers to report them.

Area director Jane Price said: “We’re aware that travellers have set up an illegal encampment in Woolwich Drive. “We are currently working with our multi-agency partners, following our procedures and have started legal proceedings to apply for an eviction notice from the court.”


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